Hooks / nab_referrer_param

apply_filters( 'nab_referrer_param', boolean|string $param_name )

Filters the query arg that retains the original referrer after performing a JavaScript redirection.


Nelio A/B Testing loads the appropriate variant a visitor is supposed to see by performing a JavaScript redirection. As a result of this redirection, the original referrer is lost and the website owner can’t no longer know where the traffic is coming from.

Use this filter to specify the query arg the plugin should use to retain this information. By default, it uses Google Analytics default arg: utm_referrer.

If you don’t want to keep that information at all, set the value to false.



(boolean|string) (Required) the name of the query arg that should keep track of the referrer or false otherwise.


File: public/helpers/class-nelio-ab-testing-runtime.php


Version Description
5.0.0 Introduced.