Why do I always see the original version of my tests?

When a visitor accesses your site, she is assigned the variant she’s supposed to see for each of your running tests. From that moment on, whenever she accesses a tested page, post, or element in general, Nelio A/B Testing will load the appropriate variant. The variant she’s supposed to see won’t change in the future, as that might reveal she’s under test. To achieve this, Nelio A/B Testing stores the variant she’s been assigned in a cookie.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of exception to the previous statement. If you always see the original version, please keep in mind that:

1. The plugin does not test admin users. If you’re logged-in and you try to access the tested page, you’ll always see the original version.

If you want the plugin to behave as if you were a regular visitor, consider (a) logging out, (b) accessing your site from a different browser, or (c) access it using private browsing mode.

2. The plugin is compatible with cache systems, but it does not automatically clean them. Nelio A/B Testing is able to “bypass” cache systems and return the appropriate alternative to each user, preventing all users from seeing the same cached version. However, if your site is running behind a cache, it is possible that your users are being served a cached version of your site that does not include our scripts or in which variants look like the original version.

In order to fix the issue, please make sure you clean the cache right after you activate Nelio A/B Testing as well as after start or stopping tests.

Assuming you’re browsing your website as a regular user and that caches are not interfering, it’s still possible that you see (and keep seeing) the original version. That’s because Nelio A/B Testing randomly decided that you had to see the original version (a decision that has been made permanent by storing the value in a cookie). To fix this issue, just clear your cookies before refreshing.

Cookies in Nelio A/B Testing
Cookies in Nelio A/B Testing.

You can also force Nelio A/B Testing to load a specific variant. For example, if you want to see variant B of a tested page, just include two arguments in the URL: nab=1 to tell Nelio A/B Testing you want variant B (nab=0 corresponds to the control version) and nabforce to tell Nelio A/B Testing that you want to see variant B no matter what.