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Why do I always see the original version of my tests?

When a visitor accesses your site, she is assigned the variant she’s supposed to see for each of your running tests. From that moment on, whenever she accesses a tested page, post, or element in general, Nelio A/B Testing will load the appropriate variant. The variant she’s supposed to see won’t change in the future, as that might reveal she’s under test. To achieve this, Nelio A/B Testing stores the variant she’s been assigned in a cookie.

There’s a few possible explanations as to why you always see the same variant:

  • You’ve been assigned variant A and, as we’ve already said, you’re supposed to keep seeing the same variant. If you want to check if other variants also work as expected, follow these instructions.
  • Admin users are not part of the test, so please make sure you’re browsing your site as an anonymous visitor and not as an admin.
  • The test segmentation rules (if any) you defined don’t apply to you.
  • Your website is behind a cache or CDN. Please purge them.
  • Your theme/template is missing calls to wp_head and wp_footer, which means our plugin can’t add its tracking scripts.
  • Nelio A/B Testing plugin only works on HTTPS websites. It does not work on HTTP websites.
  • There’s a compatibility issue/bug. Please, contact us by filling out the form below and we’ll be happy to help you.