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Why a native A/B testing WordPress solution?

Nelio A/B Testing is a native WordPress solution. These are four reasons why this is important:

  • Easier learning curve. No need to learn yet another tool. Everything (from the creation of tests to the visualization of the results) is done from the WordPress dashboard using the same interface you’re already familiar with.
  • Automatic improvement of the WordPress site. A native WordPress solution is able to automatically evolve your WordPress site. For instance, it can update the site to reflect the winner alternative as soon as the results are statistically significant. Instead, with a generic tool, once you have the winner, you’ll need to go back to WordPress and manually modify the posts to implement the changes yourself.
  • Fine-grained testing. The “testing unit” in a generic tool is the web page since the HTML of the page is the only thing those tools have access to. Instead, a native WordPress solution can access all your WordPress components, including pages, posts, themes… so you can choose to test a combination of these components (e.g. testing two different themes across the site) instead of a specific page.
  • More control. What about showing the tests only to (un)registered users? Or users with a certain role? This kind of control on the testing process can only be done when the A/B Testing tool has access to the internals of your WordPress installation.