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What are A/B and Multivariate Tests?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress helps you optimize your site by performing split testing on your site.

Basically, the testing cycle is as in the following example:

  • There is one page (i.e. the Landing Page) that is relevant to your site because it may be, for example, promoting a service or selling a product.
  • If your visitors like that page (because of its colors, texts, layout, promotions, …), they will hopefully subscribe to your service or buy that product.
  • Therefore, you want to make sure that the page appeals your users… which basically means that they end up going to your subscription form or buy-a-product page!
  • Using Nelio A/B Testing, you can create different variants (an A/B test is a test with only one variant, and a multivariate test is a test with multiple variants) of that page: (a) is the original page, (b) is an alternative that uses a different layout, (c) uses a more friendly tone in the texts, …
  • When you start the test, different users will see different variants of the page.
  • After a while, different people will have seen different versions of the page under test, and Nelio A/B Testing will tell you which one (if any) achieved more subscriptions or sells.

Check also our 2-minute introductory video to the world of A/B Testing: