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What is a conversion and what counts as one?

Conversions are the metric we use to evaluate which variant in A/B-testing performs better. We say that a visitor “converts” when he executes one conversion action. The variant that converts more visitors is the winner of the test. Let’s see it with a simple example…

Imagine you want to test the color of your call-to-action button in your landing page. You create an A/B test of pages with Nelio A/B Testing and define a new variant with a different color for the button. After that, you define that the action you want to track is the visitor’s clicking the call-to-action button.

When you start the test, Nelio A/B Testing will count as a visit (or page view) each visit to your landing page, which is your page under test. Every time the user revisits this page, a new page view will be triggered and tracked.

After a visitor has seen the tested page view at least once, then, and only then, will Nelio A/B Testing track conversion actions. In our running example, this occurs when a visitor (who, as we just said, has seen the tested page before) clicks on the call-to-action button. Once the plugin has registered the conversion, it won’t track subsequent conversions until the page in which the conversion was registered is refreshed.

The rate between conversions and visits is the conversion rate and the variant with a higher conversion rate is the one that performs better according to your test definition. The statistical confidence will let you know whether the winning variant can be selected as the winner. If that’s the case, you can stop the test and set the winner color as the color that all your visitors will see. Congratulations, you’ve improved your site!

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