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What data does Nelio collect?

At Nelio, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. We are committed to collect only the necessary data to offer you our services and to enable you to create your testing campaigns while maintaining the privacy of your users, visitors and customers.

To offer you the Nelio A/B Testing service, on the one hand, we collect information from you in order to offer you our service and communicate with you. In this case, from a GDPR point of view, we act as a “controller”.

On the other hand, Nelio A/B Testing collects information about you and your website visitors from the experiments you run on your website. In this case, from the GDPR point of view, we act as a “processor”.

The information collected respects the privacy of your users in compliance with the GDPR.

Your Information

As we said, when you contact us requesting information or subscribe to Nelio A/B Testing, we might keep the information that you explicitly give us, such as your name, email, postal address, telephone number and your company.

Additionally, since we use FastSring as a reseller of our products, eventhough we don’t keep any payment information, FastSpring provide us access to your invoices and the Nelio A/B Testing plugin keep links to your payment receipts and your FastSpring account.

Nelio A/B Testing's Account Page

We also might automatically collect some information about you when interacting with our website or when you use our services that provide us information about your use of our services.

Finally, we might also store certain information from automated interactions on other websites or other data that you have made publicly available on social networks.

Our Privacy Policy describes the details of all the information we might keep from you in the context of doing business with you.

Your Experiments Data

When you use Nelio A/B Testing, collects information from the campaigns you run on your website. In this case, as we said above, from the GDPR point of view, we act as a “processor”.

Regarding your tests data, note that from the perspective of your visitors and users, Nelio A/B Testing does not store any user-identifying information.

The data stored by Nelio A/B Testing from any A/B or multivariate test, heat map and session recording you create on your website might be as follows:

  • The URL of the site in which the plugin was or is installed.
  • Tests run in the past or currently running: their name, description, variant ID (the variant itself is stored on your WordPress server) and other data.
  • A summary of results without user-identifying information: page views, conversions, clicks, scroll, mouse movements, device, browser, country, language and other data to exclude the user from participate in tests.

Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) describes the details of all the personal data we might keep from you and your visitors in the context of your use of Nelio A/B Testing.