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What cookies does Nelio A/B Testing set?

Nelio A/B Testing assigns the variants your visitors are supposed to see in their browser and stores that information as a cookie (not in a session). This ensures the proper behavior of Nelio A/B Testing, making sure that a certain visitor will always see the same variant (as long as cookies are enabled).

Nelio A/B Testing uses the following cookies:

  • nabAlternative. This cookie stores the variant a visitor is supposed to see.
  • nabSyncStatus. Nelio A/B Testing only tracks conversions if (a) a conversion action occurs and (b) it occurs after the visitor has seen the tested element. This cookie keeps track of the tested elements the visitor has seen and uses it to decide whether a conversion has to be synched with Nelio’s cloud or not.
  • nabParticipation. Visitors may or may not participate in your tests. This cookie keeps track of that.
  • nabSegmentation. Nelio A/B Testing stores information about the arguments to which the visitor belongs (including its geolocation) in order to know if it should participate in the ongoing tests that include segmentation.
  • nabExperimetsWithPageViews. Nelio A/B Testing stores information about the experiments that have had a page view.