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What cookies does Nelio A/B Testing set?

Nelio A/B Testing assigns the variants your visitors are supposed to see in their browser and stores that information as a cookie (not in a session). This ensures the proper behavior of Nelio A/B Testing, making sure that a certain visitor will always see the same variant (as long as cookies are enabled).

Nelio A/B Testing may use the following cookies:

  • nabAlternative stores the variant a visitor is supposed to see.
  • nabExperimentsWithPageViews keeps track of the tests whose tested element has been seen by the visitor and, thus, can trigger a conversion.
  • nabUniqueViews is similar to the previous one and helps our plugin keep track of unique visits/conversions.
  • nabSimulateStaging makes the current site behave as if it were a staging site, thus stopping our plugin from synchronizing events with our cloud and logging them on the browser’s console instead.
  • nabIsUserLoggedIn is set when the user logs in and informs of that.
  • nabSegmentation stores information about the segments to which the visitor belongs (including its geolocation) in order to know if it should participate in the ongoing tests that include segmentation.
  • nabSessionChecksum stores a checksum of your session to let our plugin know when it should update WooCommerce’s session with the list of tests the visitor has already seen.

Moreover, prior to version 7.0, Nelio A/B Testing may have also used the following cookies:

  • nabIsVisitorExcluded is set when the user should not participate in tests. This cookies is usually set when the visitor logs into your website and is an admin or an editor user.
  • nabParticipation stores whether a certain visitor participates in your running tests or not.
  • nabIsStagingSite defines whether the current site is a staging site and, if it is, stops our plugin from synchronizing events with our cloud and logs them on the browser’s console instead.