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What are the test results shown?

In the menu option Tests you can see the list of the tests created, the status they are in and the date of their last update. At any time you can see the results of a test that is started or that has already ended by clicking on the View Results link below its name.

Summary of the Results

The results displayed by default on this page correspond to the results obtained with respect to the conversion goal defined (if only one) or the first one (if multiple conversion goals have been defined).

In a test with multiple conversion goals, at the top of the right sidebar of this page or at the bottom of the page (in the conversion goals and actions section) you can select the conversion goal whose results you want to see.

Conversion goal selector from which to display your results on an A/B Test

In the right sidebar of the results page you will find the Result Summary of your test with the following information:

  • Status icon. This icon helps you quickly identify the progress of your tests. It is initially in yellow, indicating that there are not enough visits to determine a winner. If the icon changes showing a clock with a heart, there is a possible winner, but statistical confidence is low, so things can still change. Finally if a green icon is shown (with a medal), we have a clear winner. If the icon is red, no alternative is better than the original.
  • Some metadata about your test. Specifically, you can see the status of the test, how long it has been running, when it started and how it ends.
  • The description and scope of the test are also included, if applicable.
Status of the results of an A/B Test

Progress of a test

The results page shows, in turn, the following information on the progress of a test :

  1. Test Name
  2. Evolution with the conversion rate of the control version and all variants, as well as the total number of conversions and visits to the tested pages.
  3. Two additional graphs showing the conversion rates of each variant and its degree of improvement over the control version, respectively.
Evolución de un Test A/B con Nelio A/B Testing
  1. For each of the variants of the test we will see a thumbnail image, if available, of the page under test, the number of visits it has received, its number of conversions, the resulting conversion rate and, for all variants other than the original, the degree of improvement that they have with respect to the control version.
  2. For some types of tests, we also find a button to display the heatmap of that variant.
Aplicación de la variación ganadora en un test A/B
  1. Finally, a summary of the conversion goals and actions of the test is shown. Click on any of the conversion goals, to refresh the page and see the results related to the selected conversion goal.
Conversion goal view and selector from which to display your results on an A/B Test