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What types of tests can I create and what are they for?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress is the most powerful tool available today for A/B testing on WordPress. Our service has been designed to be simple and fast to use without ever having to leave WordPress to create, edit or view the progress of your tests.

The types of tests that you can create with Nelio A/B Testing are the following:

Pages and other content tests

  • Pages – the most common A/B test. Create one or more variants of any page and modify them as you want from your WordPress editor: colors, text, layout… or you can also create tests of existing pages in your WordPress.
  • Posts – Create one or more alternatives to one of your posts and modify them however you wisht to know which one is more compelling.
  • Headlines – Try different headlines (title, featured image, and excerpt) and see which one is most compelling. Every time the headline appears anywhere on your website, it will be counted as a visit. When the reader clicks the link to read the post, we will count a conversion.
  • Custom post types – as Nelio A/B testing is a tool fully integrated into your WordPress, you can create A/B tests of your custom content.

Global tests

  • Menus : Duplicate your current menu (or create it from scratch), change its structure and discover which one gets more visitors to meet your website goals.
  • Themes – If you want to change your WordPress completely or test small variants of your child themes, this type of test is what you need.
  • Templates – Test what happens if you change the layout and style of a set of pages. Create one or more alternatives of any template and find out which variant works best for you.
  • CSS – Do you want to change the appearance of your website, just by touching small details here and there? Create one or more CSS snippets that modify the look of your website and find out which gets the best results.
  • JavaScript – Create small snippets of JavaScript code that load dynamically on your website, thus providing a versatile and very powerful mechanism with which to change the appearance or behavior of the pages where they are included.
  • Widgets – Easily duplicate your current widgets and modify the variant by adding, removing or moving widgets as you like. This way you will be able to see which combination gives you the highest conversion rates.

WooCommerce Products

  • WooCommerce Products – Try the combination of name, image, description, and/or pricing of any Woo-Commerce product and find out which one gets the most orders and/or revenue.
  • Bulk Sale – Select the set of WooCommerce products to which you want to apply a discount. Find out if you get more orders including any of these products and increase revenue.