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What are the Nelio A/B Testing plans?

If you are thinking about optimizing your WordPress website, you have different Nelio A/B Testing subscription plans to choose from:

  • Free version. You can download it directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory and it is designed so that you can create any type of test and get to know most of the plugin’s features. The free version has a quota of 500 visits to pages under test.
  • Premium plans. Subscriptions designed to optimize the conversion on your website by creating A/B tests, heatmaps, scrollmaps and Confetti.
  • Addons. Addons to the above plans designed to optimize your web experience by better understanding your users’ experience.

Each subscription (which might include addons) has a price (monthly or yearly) and a set of different functionalities so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You will find the detailed comparison of the different premium plans (Basic, Professional and Enterprise) and addons on the Plans & Pricing page.

Regardless of the Premium plan you are subscribed to, at any time you can purchase additional quota to increase the number of tested page views available in your account.

If you need a customized plan for hight traffic volume company, a digital agency or an NGO, contact us. We will be happy to offer you a plan that fits your needs.