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What plans does Nelio offer?

If you want to split test your WordPress site, you can use the following versions of Nelio A/B Testing:

  • Free version. You can download it directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory. This version allows you to create all kinds of A/B tests (pages, posts, custom content, headlines, templates, themes, menus, CSS and WooCommerce product summaries), heatmaps, scroll maps and confetti maps. With a limitation of 500 tested page views, it’s like a demo/trial of our plugin, even though it can also be used in low-traffic websites. We encourage you to install and test it before subscribing to any of our premium plans.
  • Premium Plans. Packages designed for websites that seek to optimize the conversion of their website by creating multiple tests. They include more advanced functionalities (test programming, automatic test completion, segmentation of test participants, quota control, etc.). On our pricing page you will find the details of each of the plans we offer and their price.

If you need a customized plan for a business with higher traffic, contact us.

As WordPress VIP technology partners, Nelio A/B Testing has been carefully vetted for performance, security, scalability, and usability.