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An unknown dialog popped up when deactivating the plugin. What should I do?

Access your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator and go to the Plugins page. As you may already know, this page contains all the plugins installed in your site, regardless of whether they’re active or not. In general, deactivating a plugin is as easy as clicking on the Deactivate action:

Nelio A/B Testing listed plugin
Nelio A/B Testing listed plugin.

Deactivating Nelio A/B Testing is slightly different from deactivating other plugins. If you click on Deactivate, the following dialog pops up:

Nelio A/B Testing deactivation popup

which offers you two different options:

  1. Deactivate the plugin temporarily or
  2. Clean database and deactivate the plugin.

Deactivate the Plugin Temporarily

If you select the first option, you’ll deactivate the plugin but all the information you created will continue in your database. In other words, your tests and results… everything will be available once you re-activate the plugin.

Use this option if you want to deactivate the plugin temporarily.

Clean Database and Deactivate the Plugin

The second option removes all the information you created with Nelio A/B Testing from your database and deactivates the plugin but, be careful, it does not cancel your Nelio A/B Testing subscription (if you have one).

This is the recommended action if you plan to no longer use Nelio A/B Testing. That is, if you’re not interested in our plugin anymore and you want things to be as they were before you installed it, this operation will clean your database and deactivate the plugin. Once the process is done, you can uninstall the plugin and get rid of it completely. However, keep in mind that this operation cannot be undone, so be careful when using it.

Permanently deactivation of the Nelio A/B Testing plugin modal dialog
Permanently deactivation of the Nelio A/B Testing plugin modal dialog.

Please tell us why you are deactivating Nelio A/B Testing before deleting the data, optionally with a click.

If you’re subscribed to any Nelio A/B Testing plan, please note that your subscription to Nelio Content will remain active after deletion. If you want to unsubscribe, you can do it before from the plugin’s Account page as described here.

What about multi-site installations?

If you’re using Nelio A/B Testing on a multi-site installation and you “Network Activated” the plugin, this dialog won’t pop up when deactivating the plugin. Therefore, you won’t be able to clean the database.

If you want to do so, you’ll have to activate the plugin individually in each sub-site and, right after that, deactivate the plugin in the same sub-site. This way, the dialog will behave as we just described, and you’ll be able to clean your database and (eventually) cancel your account.