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Can I modify user capabilities using Nelio A/B Testing?

Of course.

By default, only users with Administrator or Editor roles can create and edit tests in Nelio A/B Testing. However, you can modify these settings and customize the following capabilities for each user however you want:

  • Basic management (creation/editing and deletion) of tests:
    • edit_nab_experiments
    • delete_nab_experiments
  • Change testing status (start, stop, pause and continue):
    • start_nab_experiments
    • stop_nab_experiments
    • pause_nab_experiments
    • resume_nab_experiments
  • View results:
    • read_nab_results
  • Modify plugin settings:
    • manage_nab_options
  • Manage your subscription:
    • manage_nab_account

Using a plugin such as Use Role Editor, you can assign the capabilities you want to the different users of your website or create specific roles that you can then assign to your users.

For example, in the following image we have created a new “author in Nelio A/B Testing” role to which we have added test creation and viewing capabilities:

Creating a custom role with Nelio A/B Testing capabilities

On the other hand, you can also edit a specific user and either assign them one of your new roles, or customize the specific capabilities you want them to have:

Assigning capabilities to a user