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Can I limit the number of pageviews a site consumes?

Yes. If you are subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can use the same license key on one or more sites simultaneously. By default, all sites can consume as many visits as they need until, together, they exhaust the quota available in your subscription.

Just click on the Account tab of the Nelio A/B Testing plugin installed in your WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing menu – Account tab

This will give you access to your account page details ([enter-your-domain-here]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=nelio-ab-testing-account). Note that you need an Admin role to access this page.

In the Sites section of the Account Details page, you can see the URLs of the sites linked to your license along with the page views and quota limit for each.

Nelio A/B Testing account with default quotas

As you can see in the image above, the pageviews and quota limit when linking a new site is 0/∞.

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to define for each site connected to your subscription the maximum quota that it can use. Once the site has reached that limit, it will no longer be able to track any more visitors until the next month, regardless of whether or not there is any quota remaining on your subscription.

To limit a site’s quota, hover over the site whose quota you want to limit to see the available actions:

Click on “Limit quota” and fill out the form as you are interested:

At all times, you will be able to see the consumed pages of each site and their respective limits:

Nelio A/B Testing account with default quotas

When a site has consumed the maximum number of pageviews, an email notification will be sent if indicated in the plugin Settings. The tests you have running on your website will continue to function normally, but the plugin will not track the events that users make until quota is available again.

Remember that the subscription quota that you have not consumed in a month is accumulated to the following month. Plus, you can always buy additional quota whenever you need it. That is why Nelio A/B Testing allows the limit indicated on a site or the sum of all the limits of the sites that you have linked to your license to exceed the monthly fee of your subscription.