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How do I install and activate Nelio A/B Testing?

To install Nelio A/B Testing, go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins » Add New and enter the keyword  Nelio in the search box. The list of all Nelio’s plugins will be shown.

Screenshot of Nelio plugins in WordPress' Plugins screen

Select the Nelio AB Testing plugin and click Install Now. Once installed, click Activate.

If this is the first time you install and activate the plugin, click on the Nelio A/B Testing icon and you will see an initial plugin setup page:

Nelio A/B Testing Setup Screen

You must only explicitly accept the terms and conditions of the Nelio A/B Testing service and our privacy policy. Next, click on Continue to access the Test Overview page and you will be able to see the quota of tested page views that you have available in the free version.

Remember that if you have not yet subscribed to any of our premium plans, you can do so from the Subscribe option of the plugin.