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How to test Elementor Landing Pages?

Landing pages are pages optimized for conversion, and are often used to capture leads or get sales. Elementor includes the possibility to create landing pages either from a set of pre-designed templates provided by Elementor or those that you design yourself. To manage them go to Templates > Landing Pages in your WordPress dashboard.

Elementor Landing Pages are a Custom Post Type in terms of WordPress hierarchy. Therefore, if you want to create an A/B test for an Elementor Landing Page, you need to create a new A/B test of Custom Post Types.

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to perform this type of tests in WordPress in a very simple way, offering the necessary tools to create alternative content (or use already-existing custom post types as such), perform the test, and track visitors to help you to achieve your goals. Just follow the instructions from the WordPress dashboard:

  1. Under the Nelio A/B Testing menu, click on Tests to view and manage your tests.
  2. Click the Add Test button at the top of the screen.
  3. A pop-up window will open with all the types of tests you can create. Each of them has a name and an icon.
    • Click on Custom Post Type.

Then, you need to set up the A/B test as explained in the instructions here. Remember to select Landing Page under the Control Version and Variants section for the custom post type to test. After that, the selector for the control version (version A of the test) will show the list of your Elementor Landing Pages for you to select the one to test.

An A/B test of custom post types to test an Elementor Landing Page.
An A/B test of custom post types to test an Elementor Landing Page.

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to test your previously selected Elementor Landing Page against (a) new variants specifically designed for this test or (b) already-existing Elementor Landing Pages.

If you wish to create the variant Landing Page for the test (scenario a), just name your variant in the field next to the B letter, and click Edit to go edit the content of the Elementor Landing Page. Customize its blocks with the Elementor editor as you please and, once finished, save the variant as a draft (you don’t need to publish it). Then go back to the test editor and finish setting the goals and conversion actions as you would do with another kind of A/B test created with Nelio A/B Testing.

Alternatively, if you want to select as variant an existing Elementor Landing Page (scenario b), just make sure to check the option named Test against already existing content. After that, the field next to the B letter will be a selector where you can select any existing Elementor Landing Page in your site.

The next steps to end the set up of the A/B test are the same as the ones described here for a regular Custom Post Type. Just follow the instructions and the A/B test of Elementor Landing Pages will be ready to start.