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How to filter the results of a heatmap

A heatmap is a visual representation of the interaction that users perform on a specific web page. It is based on real data comprising mouse movement, clicks, and vertical scrolling on the page.

The results of a heatmap contain a lot of information that can be filtered. With Nelio A/B Testing you can divide this information into three different visualizations: the heatmap, the scrollmap, and the confetti. Each of these views displays visitor data from a particular perspective.

To switch between each of these views you need to select the one you want in the right sidebar. At the top you find the three options: heatmap, scrollmap and confetti.

In addition to this, both the heatmap and the scrollmap allow you to change the display resolution to see results for desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Please note that this is not just a rescaling of the data. By selecting a specific resolution you will only see the data of the visitors who used that resolution to visit your page.

Results of a heatmap with Nelio A / B Testing.
Results of a heatmap with Nelio A/B Testing.

As for the confetti, when you access that view you can modify the clicks that you see in the visual representation of the data according to a much wider and more complex series of filters:

Screenshot of confetti filters available in Nelio A/B Testing
Filtering categories that you can use in the confetti to filter click data.

Among the available filters you have the following:

  • Browser used
  • Visitor’s country
  • Weekday
  • Type of device used
  • Operating system
  • Time of the day
  • Time it took to click since the page loaded
  • Window width used

With all this you can break down all the information of the interaction of your visitors with your page at very fine levels of detail. Nelio A/B Testing allows you to extract knowledge from your audience with real data in a simple way.