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How can I collect feedback and testing ideas for my website?

Landing pages are one of the most important elements in your web. The better they perform, the more you earn. If you don’t know where to start, select those pages that attract more visitors to your site and create some A/B tests with alternative versions. Even a little improvement in the conversion rate can boost your site.

If you want to test a post or a page in your WordPress, but don’t know what to change, you can start with a heatmap. That’s a kind of test that is different from all the others we provide. Heatmaps track your visitors’ mouse cursor so that you can view the hottest zones on your pages (that is, where they spend more time and which elements get more clicks).

This information will help you when modifying your posts and pages and creating alternatives for further A/B testing. You’ll get ideas to propose new changes in your theme. Or you’ll realize that probably you should change the widgets of your WordPress site. There are many insights a heatmap can show you.

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And remember, if you feel that you need help with your testing strategy, do not hesitate to contact us.