How does Nelio A/B Testing play with Staging/Live (Testing/Production) environments?

Nelio A/B Testing is able to work with Staging/Live (Testing/Production) environments seamlessly. Essentially, this means you’ll be able to define your tests in your Staging (or Testing) environment and push them to your Live site without any further problems.

When you first install Nelio A/B Testing in a WordPress site, you’ll have to connect it with our cloud (you can read more about this in our Getting Started Guide). After this connection, Nelio A/B Testing stores the credentials of our cloud in your database. Then, creating A/B tests is similar to create a WordPress page or a WordPress post: just create the test, fill in its fields, and you’re good to go.

Since split tests in Nelio A/B Testing are similar to WordPress pages or posts, moving them from Staging to Live is as easy as moving all the database from Staging to Live.

How does Nelio A/B Testing know if the current site is a staging site?

Nelio A/B Testing looks at your WordPress’ home URL and, if it contains the staging keyword anywhere, it assumes the current site is a staging site. For example:

  • is a regular site
  • is a staging site

If you want to specify a different staging URL, use the nab_staging_urls filter.

Does Nelio A/B Testing track any events in a staging site?

No. Nelio A/B Testing doesn’t track any events in a staging site. Instead, it logs in the JavaScript console the events it would send to Nelio’s cloud if the current site were a Live site.