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How do I enable the Session Recordings addon?

To use the Session Recordings addon, first, you must make sure you have included the addon to your subscription.

You can do this the first time you subscribe to any Nelio A/B Testing plan by making sure you have Session Recordings addon activated when you subscribe (see the subscription pricing page for details).

If you are already subscribed to Nelio A/B Testing, you can enable the Nelio Session Recordings addon on your Account page by clicking at the Addon button in your account details and then click the Enable button next to Nelio Session Recordings.

Enable Nelio Session Recording addon to your Nelio A/B Testing subscription

Once the purchase is confirmed, just go to the Recordings page and click on install and activate the addon. The Session Recordings addon will be automatically downloaded and activated on your site.

Now, you can start recording your website visitors’ sessions.