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How do I create a test?

Nelio A/B Testing is the most powerful split testing plugin for WordPress. It has been designed to be simple and fast to use without ever leaving WordPress to create, edit or see the progress of your tests.

In order to create a test, just got to the Tests menu within Nelio A/B Testing. There, click the Add Test button and select the test you want to create:

Selector of test in Nelio A/B Testing.
Selector of test in Nelio A/B Testing.

With Nelio A/B Testing you can create the following tests:

  • Page: create one or more variants of a page and see which performs better.
  • Post: create variants of the posts of your blog to see which one is better.
  • Custom Post Type: test custom post types as you would do with posts or pages.
  • Headline: test different combinations of title, featured image and excerpt for a given post of your blog.
  • Heatmap: find out what your visitors are doing from different devices as they browse your website.
  • Template: create one or more alternatives of any template and find out which variant works best.
  • Theme: try different designs for your whole site.
  • Widget: test your sidebars to see which combination of widgets gives you the highest conversion rates.
  • Menu: test different versions of your menus to discover which is better.
  • CSS: test stylesheets on your site.
  • JavaScript: test different appearance or behaviour on your site creating different small snippets of JavaScript code that load dinamically on your site.
  • WooCommerce Product: try new product names, images or descriptions.
  • WooCommerce Bulk Sale: try to apply a common discount to all or selected products in your store.