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How do I check if Nelio A/B Testing is working properly and variants are active?

Visits and results of a running test should show up immediately. When a visitor accesses your site, she is assigned the variant she’s supposed to see for each of your running tests. From that moment on, whenever she accesses a tested page, post, or element in general, Nelio A/B Testing will load the appropriate variant. The variant she’s supposed to see won’t change in the future, as that might reveal she’s under test. To achieve this, Nelio A/B Testing stores the variant she’s been assigned in a cookie.

How to see the different variants

Assuming you have a test running for the page or post, if the plugin is running and working properly you should see the following GET parameter*: nab=x, where x is the variant loaded (0 is variant A, 1 is variant B, 2 is variant C, and so on).

For instance, should show the second variant (i.e. variant C). If you want to load a different variant, simply modify the value of the nab attribute and add nabforce to overwrite Nelio A/B Testing’s randomly-assigned variant. For example, to load variant A, use the following URL:

If you always see the original version regardless of what you do, please take a look at this question for more information on what could be amiss.

* If you configured the plugin to hide A/B GET parameters, you won’t see them (even if the plugin is working), because our tracking script will remove them once the alternative has been loaded.