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How can I see the heatmap of a variant in an A/B test

Heatmaps are a visual representation of the interaction of your visitors with your website. They are very useful to discover the relevant sections of your pages with real data.

Usually, to get the heatmap of a page you need to create a heatmap test for that page. However, there are a number of A/B tests whose results for each test variant also include the heatmap of the variant.

In this way, combining the results of the A/B test (conversion rates) with the visualization of the heatmap you get a more complete view of what is happening on your page.

You just need to go to the results of the A/B test and in each variant you can see a button to view the heatmap of that variant:

A / B test results of personalized content.
A/B testing results for a test of custom post types with Nelio A/B Testing.

Click on the heatmap button to open a new tab with the heatmap interface, where you can see the heatmap, the scrollmap, and the confetti of the variant. It is the same user interface that you find when you see the results of a heatmap test:

Heatmap at Nelio A / B Testing
Heatmap in Nelio A/B Testing.

The A/B tests that include heatmaps for each variant of the test are the following:

  • A/B test of pages
  • A/B test of posts
  • A/B test of custom post types

When you create one of these tests, the heatmap data of your visitors will be collected without you having to do anything additional. Nelio A/B Testing makes it very easy for you.