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How can I get my invoices?

For security reasons and to minimize selling complexities, we use FastSpring as a reseller or our services. Therefore, any information regarding payments for our services is managed in a FastSpring account.

Therefore, you can get your invoices by accessing to your FastSpring account (see how to manage your account for more details) or also directly in the Nelio A/B Testing plugin.

Just click on the Account tab of the Nelio A/B Testing plugin installed in your WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing menu – Account tab

This will give you access to your account page details ([enter-your-domain-here]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=nelio-ab-testing-account)

Provided you have already entered your license key, you’ll see the Billing History box with your list of invoices. By clicking on each invoice link, the invoice will open on your browser.

Account page of Nelio A/B Testing.