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My headline tests have no page views, even though it looks like they’re working. What can I do?

Nelio A/B Testing differs from other A/B Testing services because alternative content is served directly from your WordPress server, instead of modifying the DOM of your pages. In order to load the appropriate content, Nelio A/B Testing adds a few query args in your URLs so that WordPress know what variant has to be served for each specific request.

I see alternative headlines but my test doesn’t have any page views. Why?

When running Headline tests, Nelio A/B Testing will hook into several WordPress hooks (such as, for instance, the_title or get_he_excerpt) and will replace the original headlines with the alternative values. The list of headlines that were replaced within a page are included in the wp_footer. Our tracking script reads the list of replaced headlines and sends the information to our cloud.

If you see alternative headlines when accessing, for instance, your Latest Posts, it means that Nelio A/B Testing worked properly (at least, the hooks responsible of loading alternative content worked). The fact that there are no page views in your test is probably because the list of replaced headlines was not included in the page. That is, wp_footer is not being used by your theme (even though it should).

How do I fix this?

In order to fix this issue, simply edit the file footer.php in your theme and add, right before the body tag is closed, the following code:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)