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Can I delimit where to track conversion goals?

Let’s suppose you have a website where you invite visitors to make purchases from an external website. To optimize the conversion, you create two A/B tests on different pages (on the “Home” and on the “Benefits”) where the conversion action in all of them is the visit to an external link: the page where to buy.

By default, performing a conversion action will generate a conversion in all tests that include it (and in which the visitor has already seen one of its variants). That is, in our example, if a visitor visits the two “Home” and “Benefits” pages that are under test and then visits the external link from any page on the website, a new conversion will be counted in both tests.

Veamos cómo puedes limitar las páginas desde las que se pueden generar conversiones para una prueba A/B en marcha.

Let’s see how you can limit the pages from which conversions can be generated for a running A/B test.

Settings – Goal Tracking

On the Nelio A/B Testing Settings page you will find the Goal Tracking field where you can define the default pages on which to track the goals of your tests.

Ajustes del seguimiento de objetivos de las pruebas A/B

You can choose between the following three alternatives:

  • All pages. Nelio A/B Testing will track conversion actions on all pages of your website, regardless of whether or not they are under test. This is the default option.
  • Pages under test. Nelio A/B Testing will track conversion actions only on the pages under test and they will only affect the test itself.
  • Customized When you define a test, you can specify which pages can track conversion actions.

Tracking Goals on the Pages Under Test

Continuing with our previous example, let’s assume that we have changed the plugin settings and have specified that the goal tracking is limited to the pages under test. In such a case, a conversion will only appear on the Home page if the visitor clicks on the external link from the Home page. Likewise, the conversion will only appear in “Benefits” if the external link is visited from the “Benefits” page. So, unlike the previous case, now a conversion will only appear in your test if it takes place on the page where the test is run.

Of course, if the conversion action is something like “visit a certain page” or “place a WooCommerce order”, the conversion will occur when those specific events occur (probably on a different page than the page under test).

Custom Goal Tracking

If you’ve selected custom goal tracking in Settings, you can specify the pages on which each conversion action should occur. By default, when you add a conversion action, tracking will occur only on those pages that are under test.

Ámbito del seguimiento del objetivo de conversión

But you can modify the tracking scope for each conversion action in a customized way.

Alternativas de seguimiento de objetivos

You can choose from a set of page identifiers or URLs.