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Can I change a license from one place to another?

If you’re subscribed to Nelio A/B Testing, you’ll be able to use the same license key on one or more sites simultaneously depending on your specific subscription. On the Account Details tab of the Nelio A/B Testing menu, you can easily see all the sites that are currently using your license key.

As long as you do not exceed the maximum number you can use simultaneously, you can add the license to a new site and at any time. However, if you’ve reached the maximum number of sites allowed, you can remove the license from one site and then add it to another.

Account page of Nelio A/B Testing.

To do this, first, from the site you wish to remove, go to the Account Details tab in the Nelio A/B Testing menu. In the Sites section, place your mouse over the site to be removed and you will have the option to unlink it.

Site options in the Nelio A/B Testing Account tab

Once unliked it you can add the license code in any other site.