Why Use Nelio A/B Testing?

Nelio A/B Testing is not only a WordPress plugin, but also a conversion optimization service. As such, it offers several advantages compared to other solutions: it fits your needs at all times, it’s continuously updated according to your demands, and it comes with an outstanding assistance and amazing technical support.

Easy A/B Testing for WordPress

Create different versions of your website using WordPress built-in functions.

Bring thousands of optimization ideas to life in minutes with Nelio A/B Testing. Improving your site has never been easier.

  • Unlimited experiments to test your pagesheadlineswidgetsmenusthemes, and more!
  • Do everything directly from WordPress. No need to use external tools.
  • Do small changes or transform your WordPress site completely. It’s easy!

Zero Technical Knowledge

Creating and Understanding A/B Experiments is Easier than Ever.

You’re setting up A/B tests to understand your customers, not to waste your time with technicalities. You don’t need to understand statistics. You don’t need to be a programmer. Nelio A/B Testing simplifies the process of A/B testing your site.

  • Create alternatives as you would create any other content in WordPress.
  • Use WordPress built-in editors.
  • Understand what’s going on with Nelio’s intuitive graphics and results

Improve Any Page in Your Site

Create alternatives for your landing page, subscription plans, contact form—everything!

Why do you need to learn a new tool to create alternative pages? WordPress includes a fantastic editor for creating/editing pages. Use it!

  • Select the page you want to test.
  • Duplicate it with just one click to create alternative version.
  • Edit the alternative using the WordPress built-in editor and change whatever you want.

Test Alternative Versions of WooCommerce Products

Determine which version is more effective increasing the amount of sales without requiring a salesforce!

With WooCommerce Product Summary Testing, you can define several combinations of product name, featured image, and product description, and check which one is more appealing. A/B Testing will give you confidence that each change made to your WordPress site is generating more revenue and more orders!

  • Create alternatives in seconds.
  • Find out which product version achieves the highest amount of confirmed orders.
  • Select the best version and boost your sales.

Create Catchy Headlines

If you’re a publisher or a blogger, make sure you engage your readers from the very beginning!

It doesn’t matter how good your articles are if nobody reads them. With Headline Testing, you can define several combinations of title, featured image, and excerpt, and check which one is more appealing.

  • Find out which headline achieves the highest click-through rates.
  • Attract more visitors to your WordPress site.
  • Select the best headline to be shown to all visitors.

Flirt with New Look and Feels

Nelio A/B Testing is not only about changing a single page or post on your site. If you want to redesign your site, just do it. Nelio A/B Testing will help you decide which is the best option!

  • Test new layouts and discover which ones work better.
  • Check new designs using Theme Testing.
  • Tweak finer details using CSS experiments.

Get the Most out of Your Widgets

Create alternative combinations of Widgets to see which one performs better. No other competitor in the market offers you this!

  • Addremove, or rearrange your widgets.
  • Duplicate your original Widget set and test it.
  • Compatible with adscall to actions, and every Widget in your site.

Try New Menu Combinations

Nelio A/B Testing helps you test different menus in your WordPress site. Create new menu structures with the same WordPress interface, in a fancy way. Nelio A/B Testing will help you decide which is the best alternative!

  • Addremove, or rearrange menu items and discover which ones work better.
  • Check new menus using Menu Testing.
  • Apply the winner alternative with a single click.

Heatmaps and Clickmaps

Track the position of your customers’ mouse cursor so that you can view the hottest zones on your pages.

  • Understand where they spend more time.
  • View which page elements get more clicks.
  • Plan new tests from the knowledge discovered.

Intuitive Results

Visually understand what your customers are doing.

You’re setting up A/B tests to understand your customers. Our results are intuitive and show the information you need right away.

  • Daily performance results that’ll help you understand what’s going on over time.
  • See at a glance how confident you can be of the winning alternative.
  • Compare each alternative with the original version.

Conversions are The Key to Success

With Nelio, you’ll be able to define multiple Actions and Goals

Nelio A/B Testing offers the possibility to evaluate one or more goals, and, for each of them, define the actions that should be taken to fulfill that goal. This way, you won’t miss anything important!

  • Think about the goals that are relevant for your experiment.
  • Add the conversion actions your users should take.
  • Analyze the results easily and discover which alternative is better for each single goal!

One-Click Winner

Apply the winning alternative quickly and increase your revenues right away!

Once you know which version is the best, the sooner you set it as your default page, the better. Do it with a single click!

  • Don’t waste your time. Increase your revenues as soon as possible.
  • Set the winning alternative as the default page with only one click.
  • Or set any alternative!

IT-free Deployment and Use

No HTML, no code snippets, no complex tools.

WordPress is a very powerful tool. You know it. You use it. Why do you need to learn new tools? You don’t!

  • Nelio A/B Testing has been designed from scratch with WordPress in mind.
  • Use WordPress built-in editors.
  • Don’t use HTML unless you want to!

Compatibility with Managed WordPress Hosting Services

We’ve tested our plugin with many WordPress Hosting Services to ensure that it always works properly. Don’t be afraid. Install Nelio A/B Testing in your site now!

  • A plugin that works out of the box.
  • Compatibility with major WordPress Hosting Providers.
  • Do you want to use it with your own WordPress hosting service? Do it! If you encounter any problems, we’ll help you.

Plugin Integration

We want to make sure our plugin will work with your particular WordPress setup.

Nelio A/B Testing integrates with popular WordPress plugins making it easy to create tests and analyze results. We expect the list to keep growing!

  • Create and test alternatives using OptimizePress.
  • Use it with JetPack.
  • Compatible with cache plugins such as W3 Total CacheQuick CacheHyperCache, among others.
  • WooCommerce support with simple Product tests.

Never Leave WordPress

Do everything from the WP dashboard. No need to use external tools.

Nelio A/B Testing was designed from scratch as a WordPress tool. It integrates perfectly into your WordPress dashboard, providing a beautiful and familiar user experience.

Other A/B testing solutions force you to use external tools, to visualize the results in external pages, to copy and paste HTML and JavaScript codes from their sites back to your WordPress. Not with us!

  • Create experiments directly from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Use WordPress built-in editors to create and tweak your alternative content.
  • Apply the winner with a single click.

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