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Why Use Nelio A/B Testing?

Nelio A/B Testing fits your needs at all times, it’s continuously updated according to your demands, and it comes with an outstanding assistance and amazing technical support.

Selector of test in Nelio A/B Testing.

Easy A/B Testing for WordPress

Create different versions of your website using the WordPress functions.

Bring thousands of optimization ideas to life in minutes with Nelio A/B Testing. Improving your site has never been easier.

  • Unlimited experiments to test your pagesheadlineswidgetsmenusthemes, and more!
  • Do everything directly from WordPress. No need to use external tools.
  • Make small changes or modify your WordPress site completely. It’s easy!

No technical knowledge

Creating and understanding an A/B test is easier than ever.

An A/ B test is to better understand your visitors and not to waste time with technicalities. You don’t have to be an expert in statistics. You don’t have to know how to code. Nelio A/B Testing makes it easy what should be easy.

  • Create alternative content as you would create any other content in WordPress.
  • Use WordPress editors.
  • Understand what’s going on with Nelio’s intuitive graphics and results.
Status of the results of an A/B Test.
Editing a variant of a CSS A/B test with Nelio A/B testing.

Improve Your Website Today

Create variants of your home page, your pricing page, your contact forms… everything!

Why should you learn to use new tools to create an alternative version? WordPress has everything you need!

  • Select the page you want to try.
  • Duplicate it with a single click to create a variant.
  • Edit the variant using your WordPress editor and change whatever you want.

WooCommerce Product Variants

Identify which version is most effective at increasing your sales without needing a large team behind.

With WooCommerce’s product summary tests you can try different combinations of name, image, and product description and find out which one is more attractive. Nelio A/B Testing will give you the confidence you need to make those changes necessary to increase your orders and your revenue.

  • Create variants in seconds.
  • Find out which product gets the most confirmed orders.
  • Select the best variant and increase your sales.
Results of a WooCommerce product summary test with Nelio A/B Testing.
Definition of variants of a headline A/B test with Nelio A/B Testing.

Create Powerful Headlines

If you are an editor or blogger, get your readers hooked right away.

No matter how good your articles are if no one reads them. With a headline test you can find the combination of title, featured image, and extract that’s more appealing to your readers.

  • Find out which headline gets the most clicks.
  • Attract more visitors to your WordPress.
  • Select the best headline for all your visitors.

Play With New Styles

Nelio A/B Testing not only allows you to test pages or post. If you want to redesign your website, just do it! Nelio A/B Testing will tell you which design is the best.

  • Test new layouts and find out which one works best.
  • Test new designs with theme tests.
  • Adapt finer details using CSS tests.
Some Themes available in WordPress
Editing a variant widget of an A/B test with Nelio A/B Testing.

Get the Most out of Your Widgets

Create alternative combinations of widgets to see which one performs best. No other competitor in the market offers you this!

  • Add, remove, or rearrange your widgets.
  • Duplicate your original widget set and test them.
  • Compatible with ads, calls to action, and every widget in your site.

Test New Menu Combinations

Nelio A/B Testing helps you test different menus on your website. Create new menu structures using the WordPress interface itself. Nelio A/B Testing will tell you which is the best variant.

  • Add, remove, or rearrange menu items and find out which one works better.
  • Test new menus using Menu Testing.
  • Apply the winning menu with a single click.
Editing a variant of a menu A/B test with Nelio A/B Testing.
Results of a scrollmap with Nelio A/B Testing

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, and Confetti

Track your customers’ cursor so you can see which areas of your page attract the most attention.

  • Understand where they spend more time.
  • Find out which elements of the page get the most clicks.
  • Plan new tests based on the information obtained.

Intuitive Results

Visually understand what your customers are doing.

An A/B test is to better understand your visitors. Our results are intuitive and give you the information you need.

  • Day-to-day information that will help you understand what happens over time.
  • See at a glance how confident you can be of having found a winning variant.
  • Compare each variant with the original version.
Evolution of an A/B test with Nelio A/B Testing.
Add conversion actions in a custom content A / B test with Nelio A / B testing.

Conversions Are The Key to Success

With Nelio you can define multiple Goals and Actions.

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to evaluate one or more goals and, for each of them, define the actions that allow you to achieve it. Don’t miss anything important!

  • Think about the goals that are relevant to you in your test.
  • Add the conversion actions your users should take.
  • Analyze the results easily and find out which variant is best for each single goal.

One-Click Winner

Apply the winning version quickly and increase your income right away!

Once you know which version is the best, make it your default page as soon as possible. You can do it with a simple click!

  • Do not waste time. Increase your income right now.
  • Turn the winning variant into the default page with just one click.
  • Or use any variant!
Results of a headline A / B test with Nelio A / B Testing.
Editing a variant of an A/B test.

IT-Free Deployment and Use

No HTML, no code snippets, no complex tools.

WordPress is a very powerful tool. Why should you have to use others?

  • Nelio A/B Testing has been designed from scratch exclusively for WordPress.
  • Use WordPress built-in editors.
  • Don’t use HTML unless you want to!

Compatibility With Web WordPress Hosting Providers

We have tested our plugin on multiple WordPress hosting providers to make sure everything works as it should. You can use Nelio A/B Testing with peace of mind!

  • A plugin that works out of the box.
  • Compatibility with the main WordPress hosting providers.
  • Do you want to use our plugin in your own WordPress hosting service? Go ahead! If you have any problems, we’ll help you.
Hosting providers compatible win Nelio A/B Testing
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Plugin Integration

We want to make sure everything works fine in your WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing integrates with popular WordPress plugins, simplifying the creation and analysis of A/B tests. We are confident that the list will continue to grow!

  • Create and test variants created with OptimizePress.
  • Use it with JetPack.
  • Compatible with cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache, HyperCache, etc.
  • WooCommerce support with simple Product tests.

Never Leave WordPress

Do it all from the WordPress Dashboard, without using external tools.

Nelio A/B Testing has been designed for WordPress exclusively. It integrates perfectly with the WordPress dashboard, providing a friendly and familiar user experience.

Other A/B testing solutions force you to use external tools to visualize the results and/or copy and paste HTML and JavaScript codes to make the tests work… We don’t!

  • Create tests directly from the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Use WordPress built-in editors to create and adapt your alternative content.
  • Analyze the results from the Test Summary.
Tests overview with Nelio A/B Testing

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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