Heatmaps And Clickmaps For WordPress

WordPress heatmaps and clickmaps tests for pages or posts show graphical representations of where your visitors click or spend time with their cursor on your WordPress site.

Clickmap and heatmap experiments can help you better understand your visitors because you can track what appeals to them. Clearly see which areas on your site are hot-spots and use this information to improve your WordPress site. Start clickmap and heatmap tests after you have installed, activated, and configured your A/B Testing plugin.

Instructions for Clickmap and Heatmap Experiments

Once you have installed, activated, and configured your A/B Testing Plugin, adhere to the following directions to begin split testing!

To Begin Clickmap and Heatmap Tests

  1. Under the Nelio AB Testing menu, click Experiments to view and manage your experiments. Please note that the first time you access this page, you will not see any experiments.
  2. Three Different Ways to Begin:
    • If you have not yet defined any experiments, click the Create one now!link.
    • Click the Add New button placed beside the title, Experiments, in the upper left hand corner.
    • Under the Nelio AB Testing menu, click on the Add Experiment option.
  3. You will now see a list with all the possible kind of experiments you can create. For each of them, you’ll see its name, an icon, and a description.
    • Click New Heatmap Experiment for Page or Post.

Setting Up Basic Information

Fill out the Basic Information of an Experiment. In this particular case, the basic information includes:

  • Name: a meaningful and descriptive name for the experiment that will help you identify it in the future.
  • Description: any additional information about your experiment that will better help you identify it.
  • Page/Post: the page or post you want to collect heatmap and clickmap information for.

Start Experiment

Once you have defined the experiment completely (that is, you defined the basic information and added one ore more alternatives), you may start the experiment. In order to do so, just go to the Experiments page, hover over the experiment you want to start, and click on Start to launch it.

* Heatmap experiments do not have the Alternatives or the Goals tab. Heatmap experiments only aim to track your users behavior given a certain page in your website, so defining alternatives makes no sense and there’s no need to define any goals.

Understanding Progress Information and Results

Find the Results of Your Experiment

Running experiments are shown in the Dashboard as simple cards where relevant information is shown. For this kind of experiments, the following information is available:

  • Number of page views on a Phone-sized screen
  • Number of page views on a Tablet-sized screen
  • Number of page views on a Laptop-sized screen
  • Number of page views on a Larger montiors

If you want to see the heatmaps and clickmaps of your users, either click on the experiment’s card in the Dashboard or go to the Experiments page, hover over the experiment, and click View.

Heatmaps and Clickmaps

  1. The icons in the left hand corner:
    • Cellular Phone: The heatmap for the visitors that used a cellular phone to view your WordPress site.
    • Tablet: The heatmap for the visitors that used a tablet to view your WordPress site.
    • Laptop Computer: The heatmap for the visitors that used a laptop computer to view your WordPress site.
    • Desktop Computer: The heatmap for the visitors that used a desktop computer to view your WordPress site.
  2. The icons in the right hand corner:
    • Shows the number of page views for each type of screen.
    • View Clickmap allows you to view the clickmap with the same settings as a heatmap.
    • Return to my list of experiments allows you to go back to the page showing all of your experiments.

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