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Nelio A/B Testing for E-commerce

Provide every visitor with the experience that is most likely to make them click and buy! Split testing your WooCommerce contents.

Optimize Your Product Display

Tweak the name, short description, and featured image of your products

For each product, create alternative WooCommerce Product Summaries (with different names, descriptions, and images) in WordPress without the help of designers and developers. Nelio A/B Testing will clearly show you which one is better at increasing the number of completed orders containing said product.

Image depicting a WooCommerce product test, where different users are shown different versions of the same product
With Nelio A/B Testing, you can test your WooCommerce products easily: tweak their name, featured image, and short description, and discover which one gets more sales!

Test Your Calls-To-Action

Adding items to the shopping cart, proceeding to the next step in a checkout funnel, or confirming the purchase

The location, size, message, and color are all prime elements to experiment with. Nelio A/B Testing will distribute your visitors evenly across all different versions and will let you know which one increases the revenues of your E-commerce.

Image depicting two A/B test variants and the conversion rates each one gets
A split test compares two variants of the same page so that half of the visitors see version A and the rest see version B, and then it tracks how each variant performs.

Sell More and Increase Your Revenues

Make your cash registers ring faster than ever

Test all your ideas to ensure that your visitors have a great experience in your E-commerce so that they do not leave it without buying. Add trust/award badges, create sense of urgency to buy your products, display guarantee and recognizable security seals, reveal shipping fee on the product page, and much more. Easily visualize what your visitors prefer, click, and buy.

Image depicting a user browsing a website and how their interactions are then transformed into a heatmap the webmaster can analyze
User interactions on a website are transformed into heatmaps that you can then analyze to better understand how they behave.

Data Is the Answer

Avoid guessing—improve your site based on data, not opinions

Our results are intuitive and show the information you need right away. Visually understand what your customers are doing and see at a glance what’s going on with your website.

Screenshots of Nelio A/B Testing’s user interface
With Nelio A/B Testing, you can run different types of test and analyze the results easily and effectively.

Sell More with Nelio A/B Testing

Tweak your site to move from visitors to customers easily

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Easiest Setup Without Coding Skills

Leverage your WordPress knowledge

Getting started only requires subscribing to one of our plans (or starting a free trial) and installing a WordPress plugin. Start improving your site on your own, no need to rely on external consultants. Use WordPress built-in editors and visualize results within WordPress.

Amazing Professional Support

You’re not alone—we’re here to help you succeed

Our customers love our support team and their expertise and speed in resolving issues. Don’t be afraid and get started with split testing right away!

Support engineer working with his laptop

And More!

With Nelio A/B Testing you get a complete testing environment fully integrated in WordPress

Special Packages for Web Agencies

Get an agency license to install Nelio A/B Testing in your client sites

Are you interested in providing conversion optimization to your clients with the help of Nelio A/B Testing? Take a look at our agency deals!

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Increase your conversion rate and get more sales with Nelio A/B Testing

The best A/B Testing plugin for WordPress

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