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Nelio A/B Testing Plugin is the most powerful tool for A/B testing your WordPress. It offers you the chance to test several different aspects from your site easily from within WordPress, so there’s no need to learn new complex tools. One of the most important things in A/B testing is the definition of conversion goals. Learn how you can specify them with Nelio A/B Testing!

Understand how to define and analyze conversion goals and how to define conversion actions that help you achieve those goals.

A Simple Example

Here’s Bob. Bob works as a web designer and he is an expert in corporate design. In his website, he offers three basic services (or packages):

Corporate Design. He helps his customers define the corporate image for their companies, including the logos, colors, and so on.

Digital Image. He helps his customers to move to the digital world, creating website designs that adhere to their already-existing corporate designs.

Corporate Design and Website Development. A combination of the two previous ones, where he offers an integral solution to his customers.

Bob and his website

These packages are all presented in the Landing Page. This way, whenever a visitor comes to his web, she can directly know what Bob offers. In case she wants to know more about a certain package, Bob also created a WordPress page for each package. These additional pages have several benefits for his website: they improve SEO, they present further information, they have a contact form to aim customers contact him, …

Bob's Website and its three packages

Bob wants to increase the number of visitors that are interested in his services. In order to do so, he creates an A/B Test on his Landing Page. He has a few ideas on what to change (colors, headlines, or buttons), but how will he know which alternative versions makes more visitors to be interested in his services? Bob must first define what he considers an “interested visitor” and set this as the goal of the test.

We have already seen that each package has its own WordPress page, where further details and a contact form are available. Therefore, Bob decides that “a user is interested in (one of) his services if the user goes from his landing page to the package description page”.

Let’s see how this can be achieved with Nelio A/B Testing!

Bob thinks about what's interesting

What are Conversion Goals and Actions?

A/B tests are usually performed with one or more goals in mind, such as “getting more subscribers” or “showing interest in my products.” Goals are met when the visitor performs certain actions. For example, a visitor may be “showing interest in your products” when they visit your pricing page or when they submit a certain form on your website.

In our example, Bob had a clear goal: he wanted more visitors to be interested in his services. To measure this interest, he decided that users should visit one of the pages where he describes in more detail his plans (and that’s precisely the conversion action).

Arrows representing actions

This goal could have been defined as follows:

  • Goal (main). Increase interest in any of my products.
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Corporate Design.”
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Digital Image.”
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Corporate Design and Website Development.”

But the following goals and actions could also have been defined:

  • Goal. Increase interest in my basic products.
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Corporate Design.”
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Digital Image.”
  • Goal. Increase interest in my advanced product.
    • Action. Visit the WordPress page “Corporate Design and Website Development.”

Now Bob has all the information he needs to decide which alternative is better, depending on what he wants to maximize: all kinds of interested visitors or only visitors for specific packages).

Goals as targets and arrows

Definition of Conversion Goals

By creating an A/B test, Nelio A/B Testing allows you to evaluate one or more goals and, for each of them, define the specific actions that allow you to achieve it.

Defining conversion goal: increase interest in any of my products.

When the test is active (or once it’s finished), you can see how the different variants perform with respect to each goal.

Keep in mind that there are two types of tests whose goals are implicit in the type of test itself:

  • A/B test of headlines of a post: the goal is to achieve the maximum number of visits to that post.
  • A/B test of WooCommerce product summaries: the goal is to buy that product.

Definition of Conversion Actions

Next, let’s see what types of actions you can define in the other types of tests with Nelio A/B Testing to achieve your conversion goals. To do this, you must click on the Action Button you find after defining the goals.

Visit a WordPress Page, Post, or Custom Post Type

This is one of the most common actions. Click on the Page View icon. This action counts a conversion every time a user accesses the indicated WordPress content.

Next, you must specify what type of content the user has to visit (a page, a post, etc.) and what is the specific content to visit (following our example, the page of a specific product) that, after being visited by a user, will count as a conversion.

Conversion action page view

Click on an Element in the Page

Nelio A/B Testing can also track clicks. With click actions, you simply define the element (or elements) in which you want visitors to click. When that happens, a new conversion will appear in the system. Here you have the information that is needed for this type of actions.

There are two settings relevant to click actions. The first one is the Selection Mode, which specifies how elements will be tracked—using their HTML ID, (which obviously refers to the id attribute of the element in question) or using a CSS Selector (for example, body span.feat or #introduccion).

The other setting is that of the Selection Value. In case you have chosen the ID selection mode, you simply need to specify the ID. If you chose a CSS Selector, you also have a Explore button, with which you can select the specific element to track.

Adding conversion actions to a CSS test with Nelio A / B Testing.

This is also a fairly common conversion action. To add one, click on the External Link icon and text the URL in question. The conversion occurs when a user is about to leave your website to go to the external link that you specified in your action. In other words, it detects when you click on a link whose href attribute is the specified URL. The action has two fields: the URL Matching Mode and the Expected Value.

Click on a URL as a conversion action

Form Submission

One of the most common and relevant conversion actions is the form submission. Either because we are interested in getting their contact details, to subscribe to our newsletter, or to post content in our site, tracking if users successfully submit a form or not is usually crucial.

Nelio A/B Testing is compatible with the most popular WordPress form plugins: Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Nelio Forms, Ninja Forms, WPForms , Formidable Forms, HubSpot Forms as well as Elementor. If you have any of them installed, you will see a new conversion action available. Click on it to track the submission of a form.

To use this action, you simply need to tell our plugin which Form you are interested in by selecting it in the drop-down. Keep in mind that, if you have more than one compatible form plugin installed, you’ll have to select the form type first.

Adding conversion actions to a post A/B test

Watch YouTube Video

If your website includes YouTube videos, you may be interested in adding the viewing of some of them as a conversion action. It is a way to check their interest and usefulness on your website.

Nelio A/B Testing can track the YouTube videos you have embedded on your website. Regardless of the type of A/B test you are running, Nelio allows you to count as a conversion the click on the play button of the video.

To specify which YouTube video you want its execution to be considered as a conversion action, you only need to indicate the ID of the video. For example, the ID 20ODLEGbP8c refers to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20ODLEGbP8c. Every time the video you have indicated is played on your website, Nelio A/B Testing will add a new conversion to your test.

Select playing a YouTube video as a conversion action

Adding a WooCommerce Product to the Shopping Cart

You can check in your WooCommerce store if your visitors are interested in any of your products, if they have added any in the shopping car.

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to track what products your visitors have added to the shopping cart in your WooCommerce. Regardless of the type of A/B test you are running, Nelio allows you to count as a conversion the fact that a certain product has been added to the cart. Each time it is added to the cart, Nelio A/B Testing will add a new conversion.

Selecting the right WooCommerce product is as easy as looking for it in the selector. If you wish, you can also indicate that any product that is included in the shopping cart is considered a conversion.

Definition of purchase of a product as conversion action

Buy a WooCommerce Product

One of the most important goals of e-commerce is to sell more products. Find out how to increase sales!

Nelio A/B Testing can also track products purchased on WooCommerce. Regardless of the type of A/B test you run, Nelio allows you to count as conversion the fact that a certain product has been purchased. When a WooCommerce order containing a certain product is completed, Nelio A/B Testing will add a new conversion.

Selecting the right WooCommerce product is as easy as looking for it in the selector. When this product is included in an order and the order is completed, Nelio A/B Testing will add a new conversion to your test. You can also track conversions whenever an order is completed, without specifying any concrete products in it.

Note that the conversion action of buying a product, being able to include information about the revenue generated, is not compatible with the other types of conversion actions within the same conversion goal. You will need to create different conversion goals if you want a test to analyze as a conversion action the purchase of a product and any different type of action.

Definition of purchase of a product as conversion action

Custom JavaScript Event

Finally, it may happen that you need to create a conversion action different from all the previous ones and that a conversion is posted when a custom JavaScript event occurs. For example, you can consider a conversion when a video is being viewed or the cursor has been positioned on a map, etc.

Custom JavaScript events must be activated manually. To do this, select the JavaScript event conversion action. Now you will see the JavaScript code that you have to execute when you want a conversion to be counted, which will be similar to the following:

<script type="text/javascript">

If you also want the custom tracking event to be carried out on a third-party website, different from your WordPress where the test is defined, you must include the script specified in the action, which will be similar to the following:

Conversion action with a customized JavaScript event

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