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Nelio A/B Testing Affiliate Program

Every day more and more companies are looking for an A/B Testing solution

We are the leader provider of WordPress native A/B Testing services. One of the key reasons for our success is our strong emphasis on building relationships with developers, consultants, and marketers that have complimentary services and products. Our Affiliate Program is designed to help our partners achieve great success.

Benefits of the Nelio Affiliates Program

The Nelio Affiliate Program rewards you for referring our Nelio A/B Testing services to your customers:

  • Make Money – Receive a 15% ongoing referral commission of all customer purchases.
  • We’ll provide everything to begin making money – You get paid by advertising performance campaigns to your audience on your blog, website, newsletter, search landing page.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Account Support – Our affiliates have always top priority to make sure you have all you need to keep referring new customers.
  • Track your Progress Easily – You’ll be able to monitor from your Impact Radius dashboard your account balances and accounting reports.
  • Join the program for free – The Nelio Affiliate program is open to everyone. Signup is easy and FREE!

Join Nelio’s Affiliate Program

Get a 15% commission on your referrals!

Pages, Headlines, Widgets, Themes

Nelio A/B Testing makes it easy to test anything in a WordPress site

By creating alternative versions of the pages (or posts, or widgets, or themes, etc.) in their websites, business owners and marketers are able to tell what variant performs the best at converting visitors into customers. Following a systematic approach, they can improve their websites continuously and rigorously and end up with higher conversion rates.

Selector of test in Nelio A/B Testing.
Selector of a test in Nelio A/B Testing.

Collect Data and Trust Its Results

No more opinions—improve website copies and design with actual data

Our results are intuitive and show the information users need right away. Visually understand what visitors are doing and see at a glance how they behave with built-in heatmaps.

Results of a test in Nelio A/B Testing
Results of a test in Nelio A/B Testing

Professional Support

We help our users to improve their businesses

Our customers love our support team and their expertise and speed in resolving issues. Become an affiliate and be part of a great experience!

Support engineer working with his laptop

And There’s More!

Nelio A/B Testing offers a complete testing environment that’s fully integrated in WordPress

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