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Which settings are in Nelio Session Recordings?

Tweak Nelio Session Recordings’ settings to customize the way it works. To access them, click on Nelio Recordings » Settings tab.

Nelio Session Recordings settings

Tracking settings

Check the Capture session shorter than 30 seconds if you want to record even the recordings made of your visitors with a duration less than 30 seconds.

If you leave it unchecked, the sessions shorter than 30 seconds will be ignored.

Sampling rate

Click on the drop-down to select among the different sampling rates:

  • Unlimited: every visitor session will be recorded until you run out of quota
  • Uniform: record your sessions evenly throughout the calendar month by indicating the number of sessions you want to be recorded monthly on an estimated basis.
  • Custom percentage: you can set the percentage of sessions that should be recorded.