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What is Nelio Session Recordings?

Nelio Session Recordings is a plugin that allows you to make session recordings of your users’ visits, i.e. to obtain representations of the actual actions performed by visitors while browsing your website. Session recordings capture mouse movement, clicks, taps, and scrolling across multiple pages on desktop and mobile devices.

Also known as session replays, website session recordings, user recordings and user/visitor replay tools, session recordings are used to truly understand how users interact with a website, helping to troubleshoot problems, optimize the user experience and ultimately improve conversion rates.

How session recordings work

Session recordings work by logging ‘events’, and turning those events into a reconstruction of your visitor’s journey. Every time a user moves their mouse over a website element, clicks a button, or taps a link, that event is logged in Nelio Session Recordings.

Then, all those events are pieced together in order, to form a visual recreation of that user’s journey around your site.

Session recordings are not video recordings

A session replay is not a video recording. We are not recording user’s computer or phone screen.

The events mentioned above are essentially trackable logs that reference the various HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements that drive your website. These are changes (sometimes called mutations) to the Document Object Model, or DOM – the backend foundation of your website.

Privacy concerns on Session Recordings

The idea that a session recording can produce a recreation of a user’s website experience can, at first glance, seem like cause for concern when it comes to revealing sensitive data. Especially since, in many cases, users won’t actually be aware that their experience is being monitored by our plugin.

However, you should not worry, our plugin respects the privacy of your users and is GDPR compliant. Please, refer to this article for more details.

How to start using Session Recordings

To use Session Recordings, first, you should subscribe to Nelio Session Recordings at the subscription pricing page.

Once the purchase is confirmed, just install and activate the plugin.

Once activated, on the Recordings page you will be able to start recording sessions.