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What cookies does Nelio Session Recordings set?

The minimum amount of data we need to record visitors to your site. When the user accesses your site, a cookie is created with a random and completely anonymous session identifier. This guarantees the correct functioning of Nelio Session Recordings, ensuring that the actions of a given visitor always go to the same session (provided that cookies are enabled).

From that moment on, every time the user performs an action that is relevant (such as visiting a given page, making cursor movements, clicking on an element or submitting a form), an event is sent to the Nelio cloud informing that an action has occurred in a given session. This information is completely anonymous and cannot be linked in any way to any user.

Nelio Session Recordings uses the following cookies:

  • neliosrSession stores the session of a particular visitor.
  • neliosrParticipation stores whether the session of a particular visitor is recorded or not.