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Is Nelio Session Recordings compliant with GDPR and cookie consent?

Yes. The aceptance of the use of Nelio Session Recording T&C includes the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which is the basis of the relationship between you, as Data Controller and us, as Data Processor under the GDPR.

The idea that a session recording can produce a recreation of a user’s website experience can, at first glance, seem like cause for concern when it comes to revealing sensitive data. Especially since, in many cases, users won’t actually be aware that their experience is being monitored by our addon.

However, you should not worry, Session Recordings respects the privacy of your users and is GDPR compliant. Plesase note that:

  1. Session recordings are not screen recordings

Instead, they are a post-engagement recreation of a log of events.

  1. Session recordings don’t follow users from site to site

Session recordings are made to track behavior on your single site.

  1. Session recordings is built to shield private user data

Session Recordings actively prevents the capture of personally identifiable information (PII). Any information gathered is completely anonymous and cannot be linked in any way to any user.

  1. Users can opt-out from being recorded

According to EU regulations and, in particular, the GDPR, visitors must be able to decide whether they want to be tracked by your website or not. In this context, it is necessary to obtain the informed consent of visitors before installing any cookies. One way to do this is to display a cookie consent pop-up.

Session Recordings adhere to data protection regulations in order to not collect personal information. However, the decision to integrate the cookie consent control with Nelio A/B Testing is yours. Please, refer to this article for more details on how to integrate cookie consent and let users opt-out from being recorded.

Refer to this article for more details on the information gathered by Nelio Session Recordings.