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How can I manage (sort, show and hide) some of the columns that appear in the session recordings list?

On the session recordings page you have the list of the recordings of your visitors.

Sessions being recorded
Sessions being recorded

For each session recording, the following information is shown related to the recorded session:

  • ID,
  • Number of pages visited,
  • Number of actions
  • Number of clicks,
  • Duration of the recording,
  • Country,
  • Browser,
  • Operating system,
  • Device,
  • Landing page, and
  • Exit page.

Sort recordings

By clicking (once or twice) on the name of any column, you can sort in ascending or descending order by the selected column the information listed.

Sorting recording by date
Sorting recording by date.

Show and hide columns

Click on the columns icon at the top right of the recordings list and select the columns you want to show or hide in the recordings list.

Manage session recordings columns
Manage session recordings columns.