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How do I enable Nelio Session Recordings?

To use the Nelio Session Recordings, first, you must make sure you have susbscribed to Nelio Session Recodings.

Once subscribed, to install Nelio Session Recording, go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins » Add New and enter the keyword  Nelio Sessions in the search box to display the plugin.

Install Nelio Session Recordings plugin

Select the Nelio Session Recordings plugin and click Install Now. Once installed, click Activate.

If this is the first time you install and activate the plugin, click on the Nelio Session Recording icon and you will see an initial plugin setup page:

Insert license key in Nelio Session Recordings

You must insert the License key that you should have received by email when subscribing and accept the terms and conditions of the Nelio A/B Testing service and our privacy policy. Next, click on Continue to access the page where you will be able to enable session recordings and start recording your website visitors’ sessions.