Optimize your web experience with real recordings of user behavior

Get to the heart of your
user’s experiences


See what your users see


Find and fix issues, fast


Target real problems


365 days of storage


Built with privacy in mind


Expert support

Screenshot of a session recording being replayed.

Spot new ways to improve your site

Watch exactly where your visitor’s mouse or finger goes.

Find out how long visitors stay on your site and where they struggle.

Prioritize in seconds, not weeks

View anonymized, hi-def recordings at any speed.

Sort by user location, browser, session duration, device, and lots more.

Screenshot of the list of session recordings.

“The Best Way to See What Visitors Are Doing on Your Website”

Questions you can answer with
session recordings

How do I know if there is something broken on my site?

Watch sessions to verify if your visitors are getting to where they want.

Are my visitors experiencing any frustration?

Visualize where your visitors are getting stuck on your page.

Are my visitors following the funnel I designed for them?

Watch how your visitors consume your content and spot nuances in their behavior to adapt the site’s journey for them.

Why are people not purchasing?

Spot unresponsive elements otherwise invisible for traditional analytics preventing your visitors from converting

Is there a way to improve how much time they spend on my page?

Find out what’s their intent, even if they don’t take any action, and adjust your content to convince them.

People don’t fill with my form. What’s going on?

Watch how your form looks for your different users’ screen resolution and uncover issues with display and frustrating experiences.

How can I find a problem a user reported on my website if I cannot reproduce it?

Use session replays to find exactly what caused the issue. Share the recording with your support and development team to fix the issue faster.