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The tools you need to split test WordPress
Nelio A/B Testing provides you with the tools you need to perform sophisticated split tests from within WordPress. Better yet, the plugin has virtually no impact on site loading times as all processing is done via remote server. The resulting data is objective, and it clearly tells you which version of the page converts better. Extensive split tests can increase sales, and Nelio A/B Testing makes the process easy.

Jean Galea (WP Mayor’s Founder)

A small time saving that’s not negligible at all
Nelio Content is a friendly and practical plugin, even its free version. I’ve been using it for a few months and I like its reminders and the fact it’s integrated with my blog. The calendar view helps me organize and schedule my content. Moreover, it helps me share my content automatically in Facebook and Twitter once my articles are published.

Raphaëlle G. (webngirls.fr)

It goes beyond just heatmaps and A/B tests
We were pleased to find how well Nelio A/B Testing works in WordPress sites for ourselves and our clients. Ruth and the team provide excellent support and regular updates. The great thing about Nelio is that it goes beyond just heatmaps and A/B tests to consider the holistic picture of how to optimize behavior on your site. That’s why we were happy to include and reference it in our Marketer’s Concise Guide to CRO book.

Scott Frangos (Chief Optimizer at Webdirexion.com)

…and about our support

Best tool with unbelievable support
Nelio A/B Testing is undoubtedly the best A/B testing tool optimized for WordPress. Unbelievable support (they followed up weeks after my problem was solved to make sure everything was good) and all-round great value for the price and functionalities. Totally recommended, I don’t usually review plugins but this service deserves it!

Eduardo Pedreño (IE University)

This team goes way beyond the call of duty
The Nelio team fixed my problem. As in: dug into my very complex theme and wrote a function to fix the problem. Way beyond the call of duty, says me. Yes, it was a simple fix once they had all the information, but it really wasn’t their job. Nelio does what it’s supposed to do (and may I say hooray for that, by the way). If I could give them six stars, I would.

Jeff Yablon (TheWebsiteHelpers.com)

Extraordinary customer support!
We use a dozen different tools to improve our site’s performance. I was thrilled when I found Nelio A/B Testing to split test our headlines and craft better article titles. We had a very specific request and Nelio’s co-founder personally helped us out. They installed a special feature just for us, all their responses were quick and helpful and detailed. To be honest I was shocked to receive such great service as it’s not common to get such personal help and have someone get out of their way to help you out.

The YouQueen Team (YouQueen.com)