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Why You Should Always Use the Latest Version of Nelio Popups

Do you have an older version of Nelio Popups installed? While updates may appear insignificant and easy to overlook, they are critical to ensuring that your popups continue to function effectively.

We’ll go through the benefits of keeping Nelio Popups updated in this article, along with instructions on how to do so.

Improving Security

Security is one of the most critical reasons to keep Nelio Popups updated.

To keep our plugins secure, we adhere to best coding techniques. If a security flaw is uncovered, we act rapidly to patch it. Updating Nelio Popups guarantees that you receive these security-related changes.

Running an outdated version of Nelio Popups may indicate that your site contains known security flaws that malicious parties can use to cause damage or steal data.

Accessing New Features

New Nelio Popups versions frequently contain new features such as access to new extensions, new options, user experience enhancements, and more.

If you do not upgrade Nelio Popups, you will miss out on all of the new features that our plugin’s latest version has to offer. Furthermore, you may have a more difficult time following our documentation or other tutorials that allude to new features that you do not have access to.

Accessing Bug Fixes

Every Nelio Popups release is rigorously tested to ensure that everything works as it should.

When we identify errors, such as features that don’t work properly or have unexpected results, we work promptly to release a new version of our plugin to address these issues. Updating Nelio Popups offers you access to these solutions, ensuring that everything functions properly.

Maintaining Compatibility with Other Software

On your WordPress site, there are numerous components at work, including:

  • Plugins such as Nelio Popups
  • Your theme
  • WordPress itself
  • PHP, the coding language used by WordPress
  • WordPress itself

All of these components must be compatible with one another in order for your website to perform properly. When one component releases an update, it may cause other components to become incompatible.

To avoid errors and other issues, we distribute updates to ensure that Nelio Popups remains compatible with the most recent versions of WordPress and PHP. This means that if all of your site’s components are updated, they should continue to function properly.

If you update other parts of your site but not Nelio Popups (or vice versa), you risk introducing major issues.

Updating Nelio Popups

To update Nelio Popups to the latest version you can go to the Plugins screen in WordPress and click “update now” in the notice that appears below Nelio Popups.

You can also update to the latest version of Nelio Popups with one click by logging in to your WordPress admin area and going to Dashboard » Updates. Scroll down to the Plugins section, check the box next to Nelio Popups, then click Update Plugins.

To update to the latest version of Nelio Popups Premium make sure you introduced your license key in Nelio Popups » Updates. After that, you can check if you have the latest version of Nelio Popups Premium and update it following the same instructions as explained before for Nelio Popups.

That’s all! You now understand why you should always use the most recent version of Nelio Popups and how to update it.