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How to Properly Test Your Popups Before Launching

Do you want to ensure that your popup functions properly before publishing it on your website? The best method to ensure a smooth experience for you and your users is to test your popup.

In this article, we’ll go through the most critical questions to ask before putting a popup on your website, as well as strategies for dealing with issues and improving user experience.

Previewing Your Popup

Nelio Popups makes it easy to test your popup before adding it to a page or post on your site. To do so, go to Nelio Popups » All Popups. Then hover over the popup title to display an additional menu of options. Once the options appear, click Preview.

List of popups with the preview link.
List of popups with the preview link.

We recommend using this popup preview as you check through the questions below.

Testing Your Popup’s Functionality

Once you’ve opened your popup’s preview, ask the following questions to determine if it’s functioning as expected.

Does the Actions Within Your Popup Work as Expected?

When enabled and properly configured, popups include actions to close the popup and perform a user event, like submit a form, click on a link, or press a button.

However, due to configuration issues or problems with your styles, such actions may not be completed.

Go ahead and test your popup actions like any visitor may do. Then, double-check that the action performed produces the expected outcome.

If your popup’s content does not include proper actions, the next step is to fix it so that the actions can be performed and completed successfully.

Does the Popup Opens When/Where it should do?

When editing a popup, you need to establish the actions that will trigger the opening of a popup. Check that the popup opens only after the trigger you defined.

Also, Nelio Popups allows you to open a popup only if certain conditions are met. Make sure that you defined proper conditions that are not mutually exclusive.

In addition to it, define the right scope of pages where the popup may open. Test that your popup only opens on the set of pages that you want.

Testing Your Popup’s User Experience

In addition to ensuring that your popup’s functionality works as intended, it’s critical to ensure that your popups are simple and pleasant to interact with. Running through the questions below will help you improve the user experience of your popup.

Does Your Popup Have a Clear Purpose/Instructions?

If a user understands why they are being asked to interact with a popup, they are considerably more likely to do it correctly and perform the actions you want to. These criteria might help you determine whether the instructions on your popup are clear and simple to understand.

Would User Instructions Be Helpful? Have You Helped Set User Expectations?

If you need users to interact with a popup in a particular way, it can be helpful to add detailed instructions for them. It’s also good to set realistic expectations for users, such as telling them what they will get from that interaction or if they should expect something on a period of time.

For example, you might add something like, “Please click the following button to get an immediate discount on any product. The discount will be available only during the next hour.” to your popup.

Is It Clear Exactly What Each Interaction Element Does?

Some fields, such as the buttons or links are not always designed or styled like what they are.

If you have a button or a link the visitor needs to click, you can show users how to interact using common styles and explanatory call to action texts.

Is Your Content Too Complex?

Users can interact with shorter popup with ease. There are various ways to make a popup less intimidating for users.

Your text should be concise and precise, taking up less space on the page. Multi-column layouts are ideal for short content.

Is the Popup Confirmation Action Helpful for Users?

After a user interacts with your popup, the confirmation action that will occur next to it should be somewhat expected.

If you will redirect the user, that should be something the user may expect to happen. Also, closing the popup after a popup interaction is something users may expect. Guide the user to the next steps they should take.

Does Your Popup Work Well on Mobile Devices?

Nelio Popups is designed to use your theme styles. Make sure your theme includes responsive styles for the content within your popup so that any popup looks great on devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Additional modifications might be required to guarantee that visitors can interact with your popups regardless of the device they’re using, depending on your customizations and site layout.

What to Do If You Have Questions

Have you located an issue with your popup that you’re not sure how to fix? Do not hesitate to contact us.

That’s it! You can now use this checklist to test your popups before adding them to your site.