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How to Privately Share Credentials with Support

Do you need to disclose your site’s login credentials to assist in the resolution of a problem but are concerned about security? Some people are concerned about sending confidential information via email. If you want further assurance, you can use a temporary link to ensure that your password is only accessible for a limited time.

We’ll show you how to securely and confidentially share your site’s login credentials with our support team in this article.

Why Support Might Need Site Logins

Sharing your site’s login credentials isn’t always required to gain Nelio Popups support. However, certain support issues are site-specific and may require additional troubleshooting. Sharing your login information allows us to expedite the troubleshooting process and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Sharing Login Credentials Privately

Using the Temporary Login Without Password plugin you can create a self-expiring account for someone and give them a special link with which they can login to your WordPress without needing a username and password.

Form to create a temporary login link using the plugin "Temporary Login Without Password".
Form to create a temporary login link using the plugin “Temporary Login Without Password”.

You can choose when the login expires, as well as the role of the temporary account.

That’s all! You can now securely and confidentially share your site’s temporary login link details with our support team.

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