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How to Open a Popup when an Ad-blocker is Detected

You can use Nelio Popups to specifically show a popup to visitors using ad-blocker tools including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin.

In this article, you’ll learn how to target ad-block users to show your popup.

Using Adblock Condition

When you are ready to use the Adblock condition, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Nelio Popups » All Popups and edit the one you want.
  2. In the editor sidebar, go to the Settings panel, and open the Conditions tab.
  3. Add or modify a condition by selecting ‘Adblock is detected’.
Popup with a condition set to detect ad-blockers.
Popup with a condition set to detect ad-blockers.

After setting the condition, save the popup and then it will open if the condition is met.

Why would I need to use the Ad-Blocker Condition?

The ability to target users who are running ad-block is incredibly beneficial because it helps ensure that your ads are seen.

One of the main reasons people allow advertisements on their site is because the sponsors pay money for that advertising space. That money goes to maintaining the site (or it should!)

Therefore, if web visitors do not see the advertisements, the sponsors do not pay money out. If there is no money paid from the advertisement sponsor then there is no money to help maintain the site. If the site becomes too cost-prohibitive, the site is down and the valuable resources being sought after by web visitors are now gone.