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How to Open a Popup on Exit Intent with Nelio Popups

Nelio Popups makes it easy to convert abandoning visitors. Show your popup at the precise moment a visitor decides to leave your site.

Using Scroll Offset Trigger

Nelio Popups allows you to trigger a popup when a visitor’s behavior indicate they intend to navigate away from your site. The exit-intent is triggered when a visitor’s mouse motions towards the browser bar, a clear indication they’re about to leave.

When you are ready to use the exit intent trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Nelio Popups » All Popups and edit the one you want.
  2. In the editor sidebar, go to the Settings panel, and open the Triggers tab.
  3. Add or modify a trigger by selecting ‘Exit intent’.
Setting up the exit-intent trigger.
Setting up the exit-intent trigger.

After that, save the popup and then it will open when the trigger condition is met.