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How to Open a Popup After Time Spent on Site with Nelio Popups

Nelio Popup makes it easy to trigger popups after an amount of time spent on your site. Delay the appearance of a popup to allow visitors to browse the site first.

Using Time on Site Trigger

The time on site trigger lets you display your popup based on how long the visitor has spent on your site. When the visitor lands on your site, it starts a timer and it triggers the popup when the timer reaches the seconds you set in the settings.

When you are ready to use the time on site trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Nelio Popups » All Popups and edit the one you want.
  2. In the editor sidebar, go to the Settings panel, and open the Triggers tab.
  3. Add or modify a trigger by selecting ‘Time on site’.
Setting up the time on site trigger.
Setting up the time on site trigger.

By default, the trigger is set up to open a popup after 60 seconds navigating through your whole site. But you can set the number of seconds delay that you want to apply to the popup.

After that, save the popup and then it will open when the trigger condition is met.