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Nelio Popups
Nelio Popups - The easiest WordPress popup builder | Product Hunt

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Unlimited popups

Unlimited popups

Create as many WordPress popups as you desire.

Customizable designs

Customizable design

Easy customization of the look of your WordPress popups using blocks and extended settings.



Get attention after landing on your site with a splash screen that’s proven to increase conversions.


Multiple positions

Center, right corner, top, bottom, … You can place the popups anywhere on the screen.


Mouse triggers

Show the popup when the user hovers over an element or clicks somewhere on the web page.


Scroll triggers

Show the popup when the user scrolls down the page or after a set time delay to satisfy your visitors.

Smart targeting

Smart targeting

Set up intelligent conditions to target visitors such as: specific pages and posts, browser cookie or referral.

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Use any third-party block-based plugin to include any block into your popups.



Capture your visitor’s attention with popup opening and closing animations.

Pattern library

Popup pattern library

Pre-defined popup pattern library to help you save time creating popups.

Exit-intent detection

Exit-intent detection

Show popup only when the visitor is about to leave.

Ad-block detection

Ad-block detection

Detect ad-blocking software and ask your visitors to turn it off by showing specific popups.

Inactivity detection

Inactivity detection

Push your website’s visitors to your desired actions opening popups based on inactivity detection.



Track conversions and impressions of your popups.


Advanced content targeting

Target conditions based on content taxonomies and user roles.

Customer journey

Advanced visitor targeting

Target conditions based on visitor behavior, device/browser, query parameters, country, and more.


Display scheduling

Set start and end dates, schedule to show on specific days of the week or at a certain time of day.


WooCommerce targeting

Create custom WooCommerce popups based on what the user has in their cart, their order value, etc.

Sound effects

Sound effects

Add sound effects to grab visitors’ attention.


Advanced support

Our goal is offering the absolute best WordPress popup plugin to ensure you win, and win more often.

And that’s not all, far more features are waiting for you
with our WordPress popup plugin.

Nelio Popups - The easiest WordPress popup builder | Product Hunt

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