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7 Must-Know Terms of Content Marketing

Many times we talk to someone who is an “expert” on the subject and uses a vocabulary we don’t understand. Do you want a successful blog? Then you should learn the following content marketing concepts and get ready to apply them all!

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Send Newsletters Automatically in MailChimp using RSS

One of the most complicated tasks you’ll ever face as a blogger is getting people to read your blog. Instead of waiting for a fan base to spontaneously appear, you should take some action and make sure they come (and keep coming) to your site. How? Use Newsletters!

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Find the Best Moment to Publish on Social Networks

Within your marketing strategy It’s important to analyze whether the moment of promotion of the posts on social networks is relevant or not. Does the moment in which we publish the tweets and messages on the different social networks have an impact in our potential clients? And if we find out that it does, can we improve our strategy?

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Sneak Peek at WordCamp Barcelona 2016

In just a couple of weeks WordCamp Barcelona edition 2016 will take place in our beautiful city. A lot of attendees are expected, so if you don’t have your ticket already, get one now before they’re all sold out!

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Ángeles Portillo – WProfessional of the Month

This month, the WProfessional we interview is Ángeles Portillo, one member of the Spanish WordPress community. If you don’t know her, now’s your chance to get to know Ángeles and see what she has to say about WordPress!

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8 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Every website needs to interact with its visitors and for this there are many WordPress plugins that let you create great contact forms. Here, we review the basic features of the most popular ones.


How to Start a Successful Blog

If you want to start a successful blog, keep in mind that meeting your expectations will not be easy. Read our recommendations to get off to a good start.