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The Relationship Between Great Customer Support and Business Success

52% of US consumers have switched providers due to poor customer service. 45% are willing to pay more if they get a better level of service in exchange. There’s plenty of reasons to offer a great customer support service. We honestly believe that ours is outstanding—discover what we do and how we do it!

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Keep On Smiling In A Startup

In a startup, there are periods in which you can enter such a stressful work cycle that you end up burning out. Getting burnt out is one of the main causes contributing to the failure of a startup. This post explains some tips to avoid such stressful work and the importance of keeping on smiling.


Entrepreneurship in Spain

Summary of the talk that Toni presented in WordCamp Barcelona 2016 on how to start your own business in Spain from our experience creating Nelio Software.

Francesca Marano, by Jonas Andrijauskas

Francesca Marano – WProfessional of the Month

Today we have a great interview with Francesca Marano, one active member of the Italian community who helps professionals and SME companies have online presence, runs some online courses, and contributes to WordPress!

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My first € 100,000 in WordPress

In this post we summarize the talk given by Ruth Raventós at the WordCamp Barcelona. The purpose of this talk was to comment a little our history on how we got our first €100,000 with WordPress plugins, and in particular, how we got our first €100,000 with the subscription service to our plugin: Nelio A/B Testing.

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Pros and Cons of SaaS Freemium Business Model

If you are a software developer, you can offer your services with a SaaS Freemium model. In this post we comment on our experience offering our WordPress plugins following this business model and the most important advantages and disadvantages that we have encountered.