Specific Terms and Conditions for Nelio Unlocker Service

Last Update: May 2, 2024.

Nelio Software, SL (“Nelio”) will provide Nelio Unlocker services (the “Service”), described below in Section 1, subject to (i) the terms and conditions applicable to all Nelio services (see Common Terms and Conditions for Nelio Services) (the “Common T&C”), (ii) the specific terms and conditions described below (the “Specific Unlocker T&C”), (iii) the Privacy Policy and Cookies, and (iv) the Data Processing Agreement (the “DPA”).

The Service is paid through FastSpring, as Nelio’s reseller.

Those who contract (the “Customer”) the Service, areagree to be bound to the Common T&C, the Specific Nelio Unlocker T&C, the Privacy and Cookies Policy and the DPA. These documents are collectively referred as the “Unlocker Agreement”. The Customer should review the Unlocker Agreement prior to contracting the License and the Service from Nelio.

1. Purpose

The contracting and acceptance of the Unlocker Agreement will entitle the Customer to the following:

(i) to have access to a platform (the “Platform”) on the neliounlocker.com website where to convert pages from any website to WordPress© with the detailed characteristics described in the Platform (the “Converted Pages”), view the list of Converted Pages and preview the result of any Converted Page as an image.

(ii) to buy and download from the Platform the Converted Pages in .json format files (the “Files”) so that they can be imported into a WordPress© website,

(iii) to use the free Nelio Unlocker’s Importer plugin (the “Plugin”) developed for WordPress©, import the Files to the website where the Plugin is installed and, in this way, create new pages or replace existing ones with the content of the Files,

(iv) a support service via email related to the installation and administration of the WordPress© Plugin.

2. Access and Use of the Page Conversion Platform

To access and use the web page conversion Platform, the Customer must register an account on the neliounlocker.com website, after accepting the Unlocker Agreement described on this website.

Nelio will be entitled to disable access to the Platform, without prior notice to the Customer, in the event of breach by the Customer of the Unlocker Agreement or applicable laws. Users without a registered account and facilitators of such unauthorized use will also be liable for damages.

After registration, the Customer can convert as many pages as they wish free of charge by following the instructions detailed on the Platform. Nelio maintains a fair use policy and reserves the right to prevent or stop any use of the Platform if it deems it abusive or disproportionate.

The registered Customer will have the Converted Pages available on the Platform for viewing, purchasing and downloading for a period of two months. After this period, the Converted Pages of which a purchase of their corresponding Files has not been made (see Section 3 for details), will be deleted.

3. Purchase and delivery of Files

The purchase of the Files of the Converted Pages may be made exclusively from the Platform and is subject to the Unlocker Agreement described on this website.

The total amount payable for the purchase of the Files is specified in the Platform when the Customer indicates in the payment process the Files to be downloaded.

The purchase of the Files will be made through FastSpring, as a distributor, for their terms of sale applicable to purcharsers.

After payment of the purchase, the Customer may download the requested Files as many times as desired. The download of the Files will be available on the Platform, after the purchase, for a period of six months. After this period, the Converted Pages and their respective Files to download will be deleted.

4. Importing the Files

Additionally, the Customer may download the Plugin by following the instructions described on this website to install it on a WordPress© website of the Customer.

By using the installed Plugin, the Customer will be able to import the Files in the site and create new pages or replace the existing ones with the content of the Files.

In case the Customer has any questions or needs support, they should contact Nelio by email at support@neliosoftware.com or through the Nelio’s Contact page.

The Customer may not resell, transfer, assign, publish or otherwise share or make available to any third party any right, credentials or access, directly or indirectly, related to the License and the Service. The Customer may not use Nelio’s product images, logos, brand, trademarks or other of Nelio’s intellectual and industrial property rights without express written permission.