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How to Use the Password Field in Nelio Forms

The password field in a form is the designated field for users to enter a password in your form. It is a field that doesn’t display what the user types. Each keystroke is represented on the field by a placeholder bullet, so that someone looking over the user’s shoulder can’t see what they type.

In this entry, we’ll show you all the options available for the text field with Nelio Forms.

Adding a Password Field to Your Form

When creating a new form or editing an existing one, adding an additional password field is as easy as adding a new Password field block in the block editor. You can use the Block Inserter + icon, or a shortcut slash command or use the More options on any of the block’s toolbar to insert a block.

Adding a password field to a form
Adding a password field to a form.

You may change its descriptive label (the default label is “Password”) and you have the option to have this label displayed or not on the form.

Change the label to the password field
Change the label to the password field.

You can also type a placeholder in the field, which is especially recommended if don’t display the label of the password field in the form.

Preview of a password field with a label
Preview of a password field with a label.
Preview or a phone field with a placeholder
Preview or a phone field with a placeholder.

Password Field Settings

In the sidebar, you can set the the following password field properties:

  • Limit the minimum number of characters the user should type on the field,
  • Limit the maximum text length,
  • Set whether the field must be filled in the form to be submitted,
  • Set whether the field label should be shown or hidden.
Text field settings
Text field settings.

Moreover, as any other block, you can add additional CSS classes to change the styling of the block.